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    We're thrilled to unveil our latest feature on Saillogger: Friends! This new functionality is designed to make your boating adventures even more connected and engaging.

    āš“ļø Key Features:

    šŸš¤ Follow Your Boating Friends: Now, you can effortlessly keep up with the voyages and adventures of your boating buddies. Share your experiences and stay updated on their latest escapades, making your sailing journeys more social and interactive.

    šŸ“” AIS Integration: Extend your network beyond Saillogger users! With AIS integration, you can follow anyone with an AIS transponder, provided they are within the Saillogger AIS network range. This means more connections, more adventures, and a broader boating community.

    šŸ”’ Privacy First: We value your privacy. You can only follow Saillogger users who have opted to make their profiles public. If a user prefers to keep their profile private, they cannot be followed, even through AIS. This ensures that privacy choices are respected at all times.

    šŸŒ How to Access:

    Dive into the new Friends feature by visiting Saillogger Friends. Start following your friends' adventures and share your own!

    We hope this feature adds a new dimension to your boating experiences, making them more connected and enjoyable. Happy sailing! ā›µ

    Stay tuned for more updates and features from Saillogger, designed to enhance your sailing adventures. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts!

    Thank you for being a part of the Saillogger community!

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    In signalk, when I choose Plugins, Updates, then click the cloud icon on the Saillogger row. I see "Failed", and when I dig in for more info, I see that the log file name.

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    Interestingly, what prompted my ask is that I replaced our old, dying, tachometer with a new Veratron OceanView tach that takes standard analog engine instrument feeds, and digitizes them to NMEA2000. The cost was reasonable, and it let us cleanup our old instrument panel a lot. Now that we actually have engine RPM, Oil pressure, engine hours, and coolant temperature available on the network it triggered my realization that logging some of that would be helpful.

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