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  • No longer receiving notifications

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    Looks like the IP address was banned, I will e-mail more details in a private message.

  • unused tabs on monitoring screen

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    Wow - that is dedication! Thanks, the inside information that was blank is no longer displayed

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    Ok, that explains.

    On caching, it should not be a problem, it can cache data for more than a year as long as there is enough space on the Pi. And the space it uses for every record is trivial, so this should practically be a non-issue.

  • Access offline

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    Thanks !

  • Other topics quesion

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    Hi Otto, yes totally fine to bring these discussions here. We called this “community” for a specific reason, even if a topic is tangentially related to Saillogger or Signal K platform, it will benefit our comunity.

    On your question, we are not aware of anything that is off the shelf ready to use as a wind instrument outside of boat network. The closest is possibly the Signal K Ecowitt
    I had developed a while back. This allows integrating Ecowitt weather gateway and temperature sensors to Signal K and as a result to Saillogger. Ecowitt has a wind sensor too and it can be added to this plugin. However we don’t have or use that sensor so there are no plans to add support for it right now.

    Independently, using a “home style” wind sensor has its challenges if mounted on a boat. They are designed to be mounted permanently so the readings would be relative to north while boat wind sensor readings will be relative to heading of the boat. So the software needs to be smart enough to normalize it but that normalization would require heading data too which will lost likely require NMEA network to be on anyways.

    So all in all, keeping the NMEA network on might still be the simplest solution. We keep it on all the time and it actually doesn’t draw that much power unless you keep the MFD on as well, which is quite power hungry.

  • How to delete account

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    Hi Otto, your personal test account has been deleted.

    For future references, if you want your account deleted please post on this thread and provide your used ID or collector ID, so we can find your account. Please do not put your e-mail address for privacy reasons.

  • No Voltage shown

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    Thank you, that fixed the problem. Sorry my bad.

  • Kudos!

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    Thank you for your kind words! We love Saillogger ourselves and we really enjoy to keep developing the product we use and love!